The catscan is in development

Although simple, this upcycled USB camera and its wifi-enabled micro-computer represents a promising start to at least two future DIY products. By using an open-source Linux application for monitoring and recording movement, and a web-server software serving our custom developed GUI (javascript, css, rest) for immediate live-view and video archive-management, this simple idea has managed to become a daily valued function in our life – and on its road it has proven to be both interesting and surprisingly challenging.

The GUI is still in its early stage, but already has a number of stable and unique functions that give the user a decent overview of what’s happening in front of the camera throughout the day. As it is now it will serve great as a typical security camera (although without infrared), and will soon branch out as just that. After the split it will continue being developed into the actual “catscan”, a product not just monitoring the cat door but also controlling it.

Next up, after some time with testing and QA of the GUI, is the implementation of sensors and mechanisms to develop it into a complete cat-door controller. It will then be able to monitor cat status (is it in, or is it out? and when did it leave?), allow and deny entry and/or exit, timing of events and modes, light up when detecting movement, save videos of movement and delete old and/or unnecessary, communicate with the home-automation software and be controlled remotely trough the GUI. It could even (potentially, they are a bit expensive) read the RFID tag in the cats neck to approve access to only our cat – but for now the commercial cat-door actually does that.

Screenshots of the GUI will be published soon, so stay tuned.

Re-used and upcycled webcam for this project
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