DIY eco-friendly 7″ tablet stand

The stuff that stains the wood - naturallyThree pieces, to build the tablet stand

After a great deal of research and many different experiments over the last few years, testing out they best way to make and use the natural wood-stainer (home-made, all natural and renewable resources) it is time to assemble a tablet stand as a simple project to see how it can all come together. I did this 3d sketch and render in Autodesk Fusion 360 and cut the pieces from some pallet-wood. Its already showing that I need to do some more quick experiments before final assembly, mainly for mapping a way to make some wood-filler that will react to the oxidising process of the wood-stainer the same way the regular pallet-wood does. No petroleum-products wanted of course, only natural and renewable stuff. Wood-glue might have to be acceptable though, if it will be compatible with my idea for the filler. Fingers crossed!

The stuff that stains the wood - naturally

Getting the tablet-stand looking as slick as the render would be awesome, and as far as I know it should be possible with my developed techniques. It wont be an indestructible coating, and it will take longer than commercial products to harden, but when it looks as good as it did in the end result of the testing and it is also a environment-friendly alternative then it doesn’t really matter too much (does it?)

Three pieces, to build the tablet stand

The tablet-stand has very few pieces, they are quite easy to cut from reclaimed pallet-wood using a normal saw, and it is very easy to apply stain (oxidising process, actually) and coating. Some time for sanding is needed, but it’s pretty much do-able by hand. But of course, if you have a machine that can do the job (I used an angle grinder with sanding paper) then why not use it? It will be sanded down in no time. Seriously; no time.

Final and best result of the wood-staining
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