A new smart-product is on the rise

Yet another smart-product is now in development (yes, I know I should finish the others first – I just cant help myself) and is fast approaching the prototype stage. It is not the time to share too many details about this, but let it be known: It will be smart (after all, it is a smart-product), it will be connected to home-automation software (json, z-wave, etc) and internet accessible (IFTTT, smart-phone, etc), it will be a retrofit solution for an existing product, and (in my humble opinion) it solves a situation many people will benefit from.

Most importantly is that it will be a frugal approach to a solution that would cost a small fortune to buy as a finished commercial product, and it will of course be a DIY electronics product that most of us should be able to assemble ourselves with the proper instructions. These instructions, in the form of our digital learning content, will be produced too.

First things first

But first, the product must be developed and tested extensively. More news on this ongoing process will follow. In the meantime you can enjoy the photo from the first circuit testing, and the digital plans for the circuit developed in fritzing. I hope it stimulates your interest!

The current status is: an almost finished circuit (there will be a couple more simple components, but they are easy to include afaik) and the code is in development. Also, the physical dimension of the product is finished and ready to receive the whole assembly of circuits and wired boards. After that the real challenge begins; real life testing and quality assurance. I have my fingers crossed…

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